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Through education and transparency, to establish a high standard of quality and honesty within the CBD market.

With countless options across the web, it means a lot to us here at Milyu CBD, and me, that you took the time to check out what makes us unique. I started this company due to my own personal battles with pain management. I am, and always have been, an active person. My lifestyle eventually led to three surgeries on my left knee and now I live with chronic pain. I took the leap of faith into CBD, and I quickly noticed that many products out there were not up to the standard that needs to be established in this market.

milyu hemp based CBD

Driving Industry Trends

With Milyu CBD, I strive to bring products to the market that embody my standards in honesty and quality. Through this platform, I hope to provide easy access to quality education materials about CBD. Through a synergy of these values and goals, I strive to foster healthier community by connecting people, and be at the forefront of establishing a strong standard in the CBD market.

Sourced Locally from our organic USA farm

Our CBD oils are farmed from top-quality hemp grown at our organic farm over in Oregon. We pride ourselves on our Non-GMO, organic and pesticide-free practices meaning you get the best possible product from the best possible source.

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Office: Los Angeles, CA

Farm: Oregon